The village of Samartin

path signSan Martin (Samartin in the Asturian dialect) is about 5 km from Infiesto. It is situated at the end of a single track lane, 1 mile from the local road. The hamlet is about 450m above sea level and has beautiful views which ever way you look, and because it faces south, it has a microclimate of its own.

Lemon trees grow in the village and more strange, even an olive tree which gives olives, unusual so far north.

There are walks from the door where you can see a great variety of wild flowers, birds and, in the autumn, observe the wild tracks of wild boar and deer.

We are in the district of Piloña, with the administration in Infiesto, a market town with the river Piloña going through. It has several cafes, restaurants, small supermarkets, a couple of bakeries, banks, one petrol station, one dentist, and a brand new Centro Medico.

The library serves as a tourist information point cum local artist aficionados art gallery, community cinema, internet point and posh toilets.